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New Member Introductions

New Members stop and in a say Hi...
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General Motorcycle Discussions

Any general discussions related to Motorcycles goes in here.
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Local Meets & Events

Write here where meetings will be held so more people can meet up.
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R1 Related Discussion

Appearance & Mods

Looks is important. Ask here for help on, flushmounts, undertails, bodywork, exhaust models etc
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How To's

Please post your detailed How To's threads in here. They'll be of big help to owners of the R1.
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Oil and Lubrication

For discussion on oil and lubrication
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Product Reviews

Post up your Product Reviews here. Include any photos and information you feel will be of value to any member that might purchase the product your reviewing. We welcome reviews of any aftermarket accessories.
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Tire Tech Forum

Everything tire related post it here.
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This section is dedicated to contests and prize giveaways for R1-Forum.com members.
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2015+ Yamaha R1 - R1M Forum

Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M General Discussion

General discussion area specific to the 2015 Yamaha R1M model. Please post all YZF-R1 R1M related topics in this section.
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Yamaha R1 - R1M Pictures & Videos

Share photos and videos of the Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M
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Yamaha R1 - R1M Owners Check In area

Did you just receive your brand new Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M? Make a post here and share the thoughts on your new ride. Congrats!
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Yamaha R1M Dealers, Purchases, Orders, Pricing

Forum for threads about purchasing a new 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M. Discuss pricing, dealer feedback, latest incentives, and ordering information.
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2015+ Yamaha R1 - R1M Test Ride Report

Did you just test ride the new 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M? Share your thoughts good or bad. A good place for potential owners to gather feedback.
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2015+ Yamaha R1 - R1M Versus The Competition

Ask questions of Yamaha R1 Forum members about what the Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M is like versus its competition. A great place for new motorcycle buyers to find out more about the Yamaha R1M.
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2015+ Yamaha R1 - R1M Reviews

Write a review of your new Yamaha R1M here for everyone to read! Be sure to detail what you love, what you don't like, and what changes you would make! Reviews may also include other known motorcycle publications or portals.
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Yamaha R1 + R1M Garage Space

Share your Yamaha R1M builds and stories in here.
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Yamaha R1 + R1M Tech & Performance Chat

Discuss the technical aspects and performance of the Yamaha R1 / R1M and modifications.
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Yamaha R1 R1M Suspension Setup, Tires, and Wheels

Discuss the Yamaha R1M suspension setups you like most, what tires you are running and other related components.
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2015+ Yamaha R1M Recalls

Only manufacturer issued recalls and service bulletins belong in this section
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Technique, Racing and Stunt Discussion

Trackdays / Schools

A place to improve your skills and discuss trackday and riding school events.
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Racers Corner

AMA, AFM, CCS, WERA, etc. Discuss schedules, tracks, results, advice and knowledge.
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Technique & Riding

Want to kneescrape? Go faster in corners? Smoother riding? Anything about how to ride goes in here please.
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World Superbike

World Superbike Related Results, News and Discussions
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Drag Racing

1/8 and 1/4 mile Performance.
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Section for Motard riding and Track Racing
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Stunters Corner

For all the R1 stunters out there.. share your knowledge, talk about it.. those that do not like stunting, please stay away
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Forum for the latest in MotoGP news an events.
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Yamaha YZF-R6 Dedicated to the R1's sibling.

R6 General Topics/Info

A section for 600cc YZF-R6 riders and info.
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Misc. Section Misc. topics and subjects.

Non R1 Motorcycle Section

For all the Hondas, Suzukis, Kawasakis, Ducatis and all the rest.
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The Computer Guru Section

Post all your computer related issues, FAQ's, How To's in here.
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Main Page News

Main Page News Topics

Discuss News Topics
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Main Page Article Archive

The forum's past featured articles archive.
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Marketplace / Classifieds This section is for vendors that help support our website. If you are interested in becoming a supporting vendor, please email

Bikes For Sale

Bikes for sale only. Want to sell something? Be descriptive about the BIKE you wish to sell and include pictures. New members must have TWO months (60 days) prior to selling.
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Bike Parts For Sale

Bikes Parts for sale only. Want to sell something? Be descriptive about the Part or Parts you wish to sell and include pictures. New members must have TWO months (60 days) prior to selling.
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Gear For Sale

Gear for sale only. Want to sell something? Be descriptive about the Gear you wish to sell and include pictures. New members must have TWO months (60 days) prior to selling.
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Bikes/Parts Wanted

Need a part? Looking for a new bike? Ask here!Please report all unsolicited e-mail as a result of posting here
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Non-Motorcycle Related Buy/Sell

For all your non-motorcycle related classifieds.New members must have TWO months (60 days) prior to selling.
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Buyer/Seller Feedback

Rate members you bought, sold or traded parts with.
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Trade section

Want to trade your red fairings with blue ones? Write in here if you want to trade something.
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Pay-It-Forward Goodwill

Give away what you don't need.
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Vendors and Group Purchases

Group Purchases and Vendor sales. GPs CAN BE SET UP BY PAYING ADVERTISERS ONLY! Please report all unsolicited e-mail as a result of posts.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Graves Motorsports

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Accessories, parts and gear at MOTORCYCLEiD
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Riders Discount

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  1. Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M General Discussion
    Is there a website to purchase these parts?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi there, im Moh from Brunei. I bought a used R1 09 and have using it for almost a year. I have other model bikes too.. from the first day i have my R1 09 till now, im loving it every time i ride it. I just want share you my R1. Sorry for my English.
  3. Had a slight coolant leak after changing my thermostat, installed a completely new housing... Didn't flush the old coolant or anything. Everything is hooked up correctly but when I started the bike and gave it throttle she leaked out of the housing (where the two pieces seal together) it has a...
  4. The manual Ohlins damper I was looking at came back in stock today. I just purchased my first liter bike it is a 2016 R1S. I have only ridden it about four times. When I was smashing through the gears I got a bit of head shake, just for a quick second, a couple times and then it corrected...
  5. Hey y’all! My name is Haley. I have an 04 R1. It’s the second R1 that I have owned. I was just curious as to how many other girls ride an R1? Please tell me I’m not the only one....
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