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Originally Posted by R1 MASTER View Post
Unfortunately, yourself and R1Phrankey seem to be about the only ones here on the Forum reporting performance problems on the 07 with Speedohealer installed.

There are a number of possibilities as to why it did not work on your bikes. Perhaps your stock ECU would somehow not allow the Speedohealer to interface with it? Perhaps your Speedohealer's where defective? Perhaps improper installation, etc.

Although I don't have a direct answer for your specific cases, there are many other members that have installed the Speedohealer with no loss of performance on the 07 R1.

Myself and others do actually ride the bike in the power band so a decrease in performance would be quickly noted. If there was a performance problem, it would quickly come to light when competing against other litre bikes.

I can promise you there is no performance problem with my bike.

It is almost comical that you continue to bring this subject up in every Speedohealer thread after so many people have reported successful installations. I actually see more faulty (meaning bike won't run with PC plugged in, unhook PC and bike runs) PC's on motorcycles these days when it comes to electronics on the bikes, but you don't see people on here saying "Don't install a Dynojet PCIII USB because it will leave your bike in a non-running state"

Sorry for the long read.

Ride safe.
1. Not defective, works on my other 2 R1's.
2. Installation? 2 plugs and a 12v supply... no issues there.
3. Yes, I did use the original ECU and I haven't tried with the new one. Good point!
4. How many people does it take to make it an issue? Not everyone has/needs/wants a SpeedoHealer. I seem to remember posting back in December that the bike has an issue in 2nd gear around 49mph... look how that turned out. Is it wrong to post what I know, or should I just post what everyone else knows? I guess I should just say to everyone "Buy a SpeedoHealer!!!" and keep my fingers crossed...
5. I have a decent grasp of electronics and how to troubleshoot them and admittedly I have spent 0 time on trying to figure out why I had problems, I just gathered the info on what was giving me problems, bypassed it to verify, then I took it out.
6. Tell me what I can do to make it more comical... we all need a laugh these days... other than what the Michigan football team can provide.

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