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Originally Posted by RUFFSTUFF View Post
1. Not defective, works on my other 2 R1's.
2. Installation? 2 plugs and a 12v supply... no issues there.
3. Yes, I did use the original ECU and I haven't tried with the new one. Good point!
4. How many people does it take to make it an issue? Not everyone has/needs/wants a SpeedoHealer. I seem to remember posting back in December that the bike has an issue in 2nd gear around 49mph... look how that turned out. Is it wrong to post what I know, or should I just post what everyone else knows? I guess I should just say to everyone "Buy a SpeedoHealer!!!" and keep my fingers crossed...
5. I have a decent grasp of electronics and how to troubleshoot them and admittedly I have spent 0 time on trying to figure out why I had problems, I just gathered the info on what was giving me problems, bypassed it to verify, then I took it out.
6. Tell me what I can do to make it more comical... we all need a laugh these days... other than what the Michigan football team can provide.

Nope nothing wrong with letting people know that you had performance problems on the 07 R1 after Speedohealer installation. I would expect that I would do the same if I had a problem with it. I believe it would be taken as a serious issue if more members were reporting problems. Unfortunately, in this situation that is just not the case.

However, you are giving inaccurate-information when you say "Do not install the Speedohealer because it will mess up your bikes performance" when that is simply not the case for most of us, and you have no way of knowing if it will affect someones bike the way it did on yours.

On the other side of that, I have no way of telling someone, without a doubt, that it will work without problems on their bike since a couple of you have reported problems. Therefore, I say that I have installed one on my bike with no ill effects, but some members have reported problems. Then they can make up their own mind if they wish to purchase the product. This is reporting both sides of the issue, and leaves the decision up to each member.

In regards to the ECU lag issue. That is totally different. To my knowledge every U.S. model had the problem. If only a few people had reported the lag issue, and everyone else said "no problems with my bike" then there would have been no widespread Exchange Notice and everyone would have just assumed that there were a few bikes with this problem.

As an example, some members have reported footrest snapping off. Does this mean that every footrest on every R1 is going to snap off? Does this mean that every R1 owner should run out and purchase aftermarket rearsets because a few have had them snap off? I would hope the answer to both would be no.

It is unfortunate that it happened, and good for members to let us know of the problem, so we can keep an eye out for problems with the footrest. However, to say that all footrest on all R1's are going to snap off is just wrong.

Ride safe.

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