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Originally Posted by SpectreZ91 View Post
Thanks for the tips guys.. I forgot to look at this again after I posted.. I came home and found the burnt connector.. I just cut the red/yellow stripe wire and put a nice jumper in between it.. Worked like a charm.. Now I can ride my bike to work tomorrow.. yay!

Weird thing is.. I don't have HID's. I just have the stock lights and this happened..
Same here Bro. Stock lightes, factory bulbs, never been changed.

Glad you got it fixed. It's kind of scary to have happen at night when you live out in the country. :-)

Luckily, I don't ride fast at night. Too many deer around here. If you have ever seen wha a deer does to a car, you can imagine a bike is definately no match. Bikes do the typical sportbike thing, explide into a million pieces, then you go flying over the deer's back and face plant the road.

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