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Hi everyone I need a little help. I had a code 46 on my 06 R1 after it stall. After some research I found the problem was the charging system. I checked the generator and the stator and the rotor were busted. All magnets were shattered. I replaced the regulator/rectifier, rotor and stator all with new parts. I went to start the bike and still doesn't start and I still get code 46. The battery is good so the next thing to do is check for spark. I'm not getting spark so I went ahead and remove ignition coil and check for resistance and its within specs. The only thing I've noticed is the ignition relay clicking which I didn't hear before and if the battery drains it starts buzzing. I know there is several threads on code 46 but it seems I'm the only one with these problems and everything should've been fixed when I replaces the busted generator ( it was nasty) any idea on what else I could check for?
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