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Thermo fans come on, but temperature doesn't drop

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas...

I have a 2014 R1 with very low kms/miles. The weather here has been hot lately - 30 to 38 degrees C (86-100F). The bike is running quite warm, anywhere up to 111 degrees C (232F) at idle when waiting in traffic. The fans come on and they both are working (I checked) but the temperature of the coolant doesn't seem to drop more than maybe 2 or 3 degrees, which means the fans just stay on until I'm moving again. Does that seem right? I'm used to other bikes when the fans come on, the temperature drops, and the fans turn off again, and the cycle repeats. The R1 seems to heat up until the fans come on, but if I let it idle, it doesn't cool back down to the point they switch off. It just stays hot.

I flashed the ECU recently to get the fans to come on at 100 (212F) degrees, instead of 105 (220). The temp still gets past 100 at idle, right up to 105, 106, 107. The fans seem to stop it getting hotter, but they don't seem to be cooling it.

Has anyone got any thoughts as to why this is? I've checked the coolant level in the overflow, and it's sitting at about the maximum level. Bike is still hot so I haven't popped the radiator cap off yet. The fans both work and are drawing air through the radiator. Could it be caused by air in the radiator/cooling system? Any help would be appreciated.
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