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Depending where you are in Aus, you might want to experiment with the ratio of coolant to water. A mate of mine in Brissy makes his coolant mix a bit weaker, around 20% coolant to 80% water. Reason being, coolant does not remove heat as well as water. The only reason coolant exists is to raise the boiling point of the water, and it also reduces the freezing point. The best thermal solution for heat removal is pure water; but water boils at 100, so water alone ain't good enough. If you're having problems removing heat, you can gain a small advantage by increasing the water to coolant ratio. Some people run 50% each, that's fine for where you really need your coolant not to boil or freeze, but you will run hotter temps because coolant does not carry heat away as efficiently as water does. For Aussie heat, 50% each is probably not the best option.

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