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Originally Posted by Mach.81 View Post
If the plugs have just been done start looking there... Could be a bad plug with a cracked insulator? Take a look at the burn color? Point a thermal gun at the header and take temp readings. Look for a dead/cold cylinder? It could be a fuel issue, lines or whatever.. Pull the PCV. Nothing personal.. but you need to take it to a good Yamaha dealer/mechanic. Where do you live? I'm sure someone here can help you find a good mechanic/service tech.

The cross-plane shakes a little in the lower rpm but smooths out at 3500 - 4000 rpm. This engine is smother than most inline's. If the motor is shaking badly there is something wrong and you need to get it looked at.

I bought the bike used like this with all the work done like the new plugs and that. I'm trying to figure it out without taking it to the dealer yet as I'm not In the financials situation to be able to pay the dealer thousands I'm trouble shooting labour
I will get it figured out threw trouble shooting other people's experiences with this issue .
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