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Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly what mine does. I thought maybe the fans weren't working as well as they should since the battery doesn't seem to be 100% - I've had trouble starting the bike once or twice in the past few weeks. I've also read somewhere else of someone having a similar problem that was solved by getting a new battery...?

I'll try some new coolant this weekend and flush the radiator while I'm there. Could an air bubble cause the bike to have trouble cooling?
Air bubble? Not really. After 5-10 mins ride any air bubble in the cooling system will have been thoroughly bounced, leaned, and vibrated out. What you could check, is if there's any bugs or gravel in the radiator fins, or bent fins, leaves stuck between the fans and the radiator, or any other kind of blockages. A guy I know bent a heap of his radiator fins with his pressure washer. Just sprayed the high pressure spray right onto his radiator and voila - heaps of bent radiator fins. Spent half a day with a nail file straightening them out again. So don't Gerni your radiator, it'll **** it.

Also, check this link about coolant mixing: Coolant Mix and Overheating

And another article with graphs: http://hellafunctional.com/?p=629

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