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  • Badbt1 ·
    Hi mate,
    i have a 2004 r1 that i am wanting to decomp and build a fresh motor and i was wondering if you can share some info if you dont mind?
    where did you get your motor built? for the 2004 r1?
    kind regards
    dowutchudo ·
    I currently have a 30 shot on my 11 r1 putting down 195. I'm going to do a 40 shot next. My question is do u think it can handle a 60 shot dry? It's a dry spider set up.
    dowutchudo ·
    hey i have an 11 r1 and im going to get a 30hp dry shot of nitrous for it, but i just need to know if i can drill into the swingarm in order to mount the 2.5 lb bottle. any advice would be much appreciated. thanks again.
    Bsmith8515 ·
    How's if going? I'm new to drag racing and have been reading these forums quite frequently and you seem to have a ton of knowledge. I have an 03 r1 and I am trying to find the right clutch set up. Will removing the judder springs and piano wire work on an 03? Also I keep seeing people talk about stiffer springs but the 03 doesn't have individual coil springs it just has one diaphragm spring. I've heard some people just use two of them, is that a good idea? Also read about letting clutch plates cool down, how long between runs? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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