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  • Jordi ·
    hey man, i got the throttle bodies off

    Now, what exactly am i looking for?
    I'm looking down the holes and i see 3 valve guides in each hole, as far as i can tell they're in tact.

    What should i try to see?

    I can see the 3 valve guides, connected to the round valves(?)

    When im trying to look into it with a small flashlight,

    the 3 cilinders on the right seem to have everything closed(Theres 1 with a slight gap of 2mm or something)
    The cilinder most on the left (when sitting on the bike) seems to have all the 3 things open.

    Is this what i should be seeing?
    squidbilly ·
    whats up mate. I was reading a thread where you mentioned rebuilding your motors on the r1's... I was wondering if you replaced the rods in either of the motors or just left the stock rods? If you did change them what did you go with?
    jbat ·
    I have seen whole front ends (triples, clip ons, and all) go for between 500-750. Basically I would be looking for the forks,axle,calipers, master cyl, rotors, and possibly wheel. I too have been looking for a deal on all of it at the same time and am not in a hurry so just let me know.
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