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  • jcmutschler ·
    Hi Anubis,

    Just bought this 2002 R1 and it had not run for five years, The fuel tank was full of rust and the fuel pump was blocked. I cleaned up the fuel tank, replaced the full pump. Problem is the bike will only start when I spray some fuel down the air filter. I just lift the tank up and spay on the right hand side where you can see a small plastic tube going into the filter. Once started, it is fine but after 15 minutes she won't start again, just a few hiccups, If you come back the next day, you can flatten the battery, she will not come alive without that little spray. Could it be the injectors or the throttle bodies?? if you have any ideas, please let me know, it would be great.

    SquamishR1 ·
    Ya we are getting old, but I still have my R1! And so do you I presume? Remember Sweedie? Dam that was along time ago. I remember him slum min in the states and trying to rake cash to get back home. Ever here from Nubian? That guy was freakin hilarious!
    SquamishR1 ·
    Hey anub , glad to see your still around, been awhile, any of the old timers still around?
    Nubian etc....
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