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  • Banky ·
    By the way man, sorry we didn't hook up the other weekend in NC, I got sick then had to take off of work, then get SUPER busy..... It does'nt look like its slowing down either.
    Talk to you later.
    Jboogie02R1 ·
    Hello DanQ,

    I am trying to get my fairings off of my 02 r1, but am having a hard time getting the lowers separated from each other. It looks like there are plastic brackets, but I don't want to break anything. I've removed screws, both allen wrench type and plastic phillips type on the inside by the forks. But the way the left and right side stick together at the bottom is really confusing me. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
    Ryans79 ·
    Hello mate, need some info. I just got back my 07 R1 European(UK) ECU reflash at Jett Tuning. They told me that after the reflash I would need the invert some pins in the ECU connector to make them as US ones and disconnect the immobiliser as the reflash ECU won't support this anymore. I inverted the pins as same as the US ECU connector and disconnected the immobiliser, but bike would not start at all after many tries. I reconnected the immobiliser and put the pins as it was before and the bike starts on first try !!!! What's your conclusion ??
    huwaeiguy ·
    hey bro, just wanted the data sheet in which we keep details of suspension setup, map,tyre pressure,lap timing basically my data spec sheet to keep the details please help.
    thanks, regards
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