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  • mdolan82 ·
    Hello DSM, I was curious to the chances you and Tad made to his tune to slow the idle for regular street riding? Also I have only used the unrestricted 3/4 FTecu file from last summer, is Tad's file a big improvement? Thank you I might see you at NJMP sometime if this rain ever stops, Im just over the bridge in Delaware.
    danchoi123 ·
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    LATIN ·
    I know we all like free stuff. I'm trying to earn a Gift Card. PLEASE HELP by clicking the link THEN CLICK 'Like' THANKS!!! https://www.facebook...&type=1
    Phantom-X-R1 ·
    hey welcome bro im in ny i work in prospect motorsport your local yamaha shop if u need anything im ur guy for parts service apparel and flash tuning any questions hit me up. 2014508470
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