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  • FOGOAR1 ·
    Finally came across some info on Bridgestone Project, took some time but a guy's gotta keep his word. www.readySC.org/BATO is requesting apps for Engineers and techs. Page is posted by Bridgestone.
    Still have not released any construction info.
    I know you have found work and glad for you.
    Goobr ·
    Thanks man, I got a little write up on it that I will post after getting the horses fed. It went good. Have to go back tomorrow for another test as I passed the one today. ;)
    saxjonz ·
    Hey Goobr, hope all goes well with you and your employment situation. I constantly feel that bite at my backside. It sucks ass that others have screwed the rest of us hard-working, honest people in the world.
    FOGOAR1 ·
    Don't know if you have found permanent employment yet but... Brigestone USA announced a $1.2 Billion dollar expansion of it Aiken, SC Plant, with an estimated 850 jobs added. Press Release can be found at aikenstandard.com . Employment to begin next year, which ain't that far off. Employment questions should be directed to (803)232-2228. Just trying to help a fellow "Sparky" out.
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