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  • Salty-Nutz ·
    Hey bro. I will be ordering my carrozzeria wheels in two weeks. But I don't quite understand this sprocket thing. I go to order my sprocket and it asks for all kinds of numbers...520 530 so forth and so on. All I want is for the thing to work without a speedo healer. I want the exact same size sprocket and chain as my stock sprocket and chain. I don't know what numbers to enfer when its time to purchase. A little help please bro. I'm ordering black carrozzeria wheels with a vortex sprocket and compatible chain from 58 cycle, they have the cheapest wheels.
    Guate ·
    Sometimes I go down there for a ride, usually end up going to Barber museum, I'm addicted to that place, there's always something new.
    lacomoto ·

    We accept payment via paypal and bakwire transfer.
    The shipping time is about 2 weeks, because we produce them on demand.
    Any question, feel free to drop us an email to [email protected]

    lheegaerntd ·
    hey Guate, i noticed the black R1 in your album had the 2012 front cowl. did that fit perfectly with the 09-11 side fairings or did you had to mod the plastics?
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