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  • Hardcore Dave ·
    Yep, I got stung for around £30 import duty, not too bad. I cant remember about the carriage costs but I think its on the website!
    Thanks for the tip on autotune...
    djr100 ·
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I would not bother with Autotune as I know a lot of racers have removed it from their bikes. It tends to lean them off which results in snatchy power delivery and down on peak power. Money better spent with a good dyno man for a remap.
    Gettingback to the Flashtune interface. Did you get caught for import duty on it , and how much did it cost for carriage.
    djr100 ·
    Hi there dave.
    This is David Rea from Northern Ireland. I run a 2009 R1 race bike in the Irish Super Bike series. At the moment I have a std ECU on it and I see you purchased a Flash tune interface. What do you think of it , and have you done much adjustments with it. To be honest I am a little sceptical about this as I have only got the one ECU and they make big money S/H because of the immobilizer etc. I have made an underseat tank and a custom wiring loom with a full Bazazz system, which sits on the back of the airbox. A carbon cover replaces the original fuel tank. it makes 185 on the dyno, but dies @12k. I have tried short bellmouths and it rocks @ 12k + 7bhp ! before the limiter kicks in. The midrange is not good though and I really need to alter the timing of the bellmouths as that is at too low rpm. Have you had any negative issues with your flash tune.
    Thanks , David
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