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  • Hooli ·
    Hi jaiaditya.

    I went with Xplane Custom R1 tuning. Had Nick Marino flash the ecu for the stock exhaust for this time, I mainly wanted to eliminate the touchy throttle response. Here's the options that he offers:

    XPlane R1 Custom Tuning

    Sent the part out Monday, it was back in my hands three days later...not bad considering he's in Illinois. I plan on going with a 3/4 exhaust come spring. What mods do you presently have? Feel free to reach out to me, I'm still working with my 2016 R1. It's unlike any other bike I've ever ridden.
    jaiaditya ·

    I recognize you from another forum, Bay Area Riders Forum and i met you once too while looking for a speedohealer for my CBR600RR . I got a 2015 R1 and am in the process of modifying it. Looks like i need to get my ecu flashed to get rid of preset power modes which are twitchy. I see that you got an ecu flash. I think i will go with the same guy you went to. Any suggestions on maps,etc?

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