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  • Quentinr1 ·
    thanx for all your help with the generator/stator issue Kangaroo. had another issue. My headlights wont come on. The highbeam light stays on. the fuses are okay. but on that 10 pin connector by the right ram air tube I see that the solid black ground wire is fried in the connector so I wanted to by pass the connector and just go wire to wire.
    do i just yank the black wires out each side of the connector and but them together or what? I hear its a common issue but I just want to connect them properly.
    SSPilot ·
    Just wanted to show you this, I have bought fro,m these guys myself, seems like a pretty nice piece. Let me know if you are interested and I can get a true price for it.

    Harris quick release swingarm
    bozo175 ·
    i have no clue what its worth. what would u be willing to entertain for the 04 lower? and the fors wheel and brake would work if i swapped both?
    Kevap ·
    Hey did you finalize your travel plans for the convention? I'll be going right thru Memphis, TN?
    Ryans79 ·
    Hello mate, need some info. I just got back my 07 R1 European(UK) ECU reflash at Jett Tuning. They told me that after the reflash I would need the invert some pins in the ECU connector to make them as US ones and disconnect the immobiliser as the reflash ECU won't support this anymore. I inverted the pins as same as the US ECU connector and disconnected the immobiliser, but bike would not start at all after many tries. I reconnected the immobiliser and put the pins as it was before and the bike starts on first try !!!! What's your conclusion ??
    msminty ·
    stay up late, yes... but the losing part, i dunno... lol you'll be too occupied with other things than gambling hahaha
    msminty ·
    hahahaha hmmm... lemme see, no pics over the net but i can give you a brief description.

    smooth bald, baby soft, PHAT AND TIGHT ;), juicy and stays juicy :D
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