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  • Benocehcap ·
    Hi there friend,
    Yes i do remember its called "G-Craft"
    G-Craft : Brake Spring for Adjustable Rear Master [39413]

    Knackers ·
    That looks tits mate, well done although I still think you have raped a great SP to do it but it just makes mine worth more. Lol. To post the pics copy them to Photobucket or similar then onto the forum and with the text just copy & paste directly between the pics. Put it on BOTM with Chris Burns he will love it.
    Knackers ·
    Noooooooooooooo!!! Too nice a bike for that but you are correct it has it all. I use my 2009 R1 for that.
    Big Will Ecosse ·
    :thumbup Cheers for that Knackers.......

    My SP photos will be coming soon.....Its at Race Fit in the UK getting Stripped and turned into a Full Fire breathing Rossi M1 replica.....:scoots:

    I know you will probably think that is sacrilege to a Ltd edition R1 (mine is No. 489/500) The guys at the garage were not willing to carry out the project until I emailed and called to confirm I was 100% sure before they started....:shake....lol

    But as you know the Frame, Swingarm, Ohlins etc, etc was all the right ingredients for my Dream Bike..

    Thanks again mate and Im away to order my Gilies Chain adjusters + Lifters right now......:tocoo:
    Big Will Ecosse ·
    Hello Knackers,
    I am new to the Forum and I had posted a thread regarding if anyone could help me out regarding info for Gilies Chain Adjusters + Lifters for my 2006 R1 SP which I am having a big problem finding?? as you know our bikes have the 20mm extra long swing arm and all the places I have contacted keep telling me they cant provide a set for my bike??
    One of the Forum guys put me in your direction as they though you maybe able to help??


    Big Will
    burn-z ·
    Thanks Steve. No biggie really. I haven't really done much. I need a couple others to do this with me. No takers yet. lol
    Knackers ·
    I have only had the SP down there twice, too hard to replace if something goes wrong. Use the 09 R1 for that mate.
    tigertim20 ·
    hey man Im good. your friends doing a tour? theyll love central otago, its bike heaven!! I will keep an eye out for them
    Knackers ·
    Hi Adam, they are Attack Performance rearsets mate. It took me ages to find the right ones, they were just plain alloy so I had some parts anodized gold the rest nickel plated. If you like the bike go to forum and check out bike of the year 7-12 I could use the votes. Cheers
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