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  • IM28702 ·
    Bought a set of tires from Nossliw, and they are just as he described. Damn near new. Awesome guy to do business with!! Thank you!!
    Flisker ·
    Hi nossliw,

    I am just reading your post in this (http://www.r1-forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=336537&page=2) topic and I am like what the hell ? :D

    This part :
    -Put it this way my 01 r6 with 74k miles before the tranny failed has Mobil 4T used

    -My 04r1 with 70k miles used Amsoil and never has a single issue, till I sold it and the dude totaled it within a month

    Am I missing something or you seriously had R1 2004 with one engine running 70 000 miles without issue ?

    If yes, could u please give me some advice about how to do it ? I just bought new engine because old one is totally dead and it had only 21 000 kilometers (at least seller said so).

    Any advice would be great :) or is it just this miraculous amsoil oil ?

    Thx, Lukas
    rated_r1 ·
    I was wondering if you can send me a few pix and info on any good set of track tires you may have. I need a set for my R1 to try out. I'm used to higher end street tires but want to try something new. My email is [email protected] thanks.
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