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  • Jaketheone46 ·
    Hey I see in a thread you had your 04/06 ecu flashed by Ivan. Can you tell me how well the bike responded?? Could you tell a difference?? I bought a pc3 and plan to send him my ecu as well
    cyclepsycho7 ·
    Hi Ruben,

    I went through every page and post of your 2015 R1 thread and just saw the 05 R1 thread yesterday and am half way through it. I see you have carbon fiber rims on both bikes. I have to get new tires mounted on a new set of BST's and am deathly afraid that the rims will get scratched when someone mounts the new tires on them. I've never brought a bike to a dealer or shop to be worked on in the last 40+ years with the exception of bring rims to a dealer to mount new tires but never the carbon fiber variety so I don't know what options are out there. I was at my local Yami dealer (Action) yesterday and asked them if they could mount tires on on my BST's and they said they couldn't guarantee that they wouldn't scratch them. I understand that its quite a large expectation but they did not instill confidence in me when telling me this. Do you have any recommendations for having the tires mounted? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    danchoi123 ·
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    yelloew03zo6 ·
    What's up Rueben? Was wondering if you got your bike in for the service yet and how you made out. As of yesterday I put 600 miles on the bike since the recall and all is good. I'm always looking for leaks when I'm wiping it down. I even took the fairings off. It is perfect as far as I could tell. Probably going out today and try to get another 200 miles on it.
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