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  • danchoi123 ·
    y hoc ke toan tong hop tai tphcm động lĩnh vực sản xuất.
    ính địa chỉ học kế toán tại hải phòng
    chi lop hoc ke toan tai quảng ninh
    am công ty dịch vụ kế toán hà nội Công phan mem ban hang xay dung lại tiề
    sản dịch vụ làm báo cáo tài chính tại quận 6
    với dich vu lam bctc tai tphcm
    hoạt hop nhat bang can doi ke toan
    The_Question ·
    Still unsure even with the help you have me with the keyhole. Honestly a video would be the best bet. But I'm sure I'm asking too much
    cfin91 ·
    Hey R1nStang, I have an '09 that I'm trying to put an exhaust on. Are you pretty happy with your Yoshimura? I was considering an M4. What about your reflash? I went to the m/c show and a tuner told me that it was not a good idea. I would like to hear your thoughts if u don't mind sharing.
    Tujik ·
    legalized drug dealer, are we alike if i said i was an illegal drug dealer haha, and wait.. you live in useless texas... :eek:
    Salty-Nutz ·
    Hey bro. You always seem to give to give good advice wheni it comes to the 2009-2011 R1 so I came to you specifically to ask my question. I own a 2009 r1 and I want to put on slip ons. I'm positive that I'm going with the Jardine RT-5 slip-on, but do I also need a Y-Pipe and power commander? If and/or when you get time to answe rmy question I'd greatly appreciate it.
    R1nStang ·
    Same here. I ride to work and home. every now and then on the weekends ill take the bike out for a quick ride. but i havent gone on any major rides in probably close to a month now. think the last one i went on was FM4 with Boomer and his group
    TheBigO ·
    yeah last time i rode with Boomer was about the last time i talked to DC and Spoke which was a bout 3 months ago. which is the last time i got out and rode. I still ride to work but thats about it.
    R1nStang ·
    oh ok. I've talked to DC once since I left the group. I speak to Boomer and go on rides his friends plan every now and then. Havent heard from Spoke in awhile or Dino
    TheBigO ·
    Nope, some stupid crap was going on between B and DC. Some how i got kicked out along with B. haven't talked to DC or Spoke for a few months. Still talk to B.
    R1nStang ·
    yeah I've seen you rolling around a few times on your bike. not too often though. guess we leave work roughly the same time...i usually run out the building at like 4:58 haha
    TheBigO ·
    Yep on the blue R1. I think thats the second time i've seen you. I recognized you from when we met DC at his garage for tech day. Plus the pic of your mustang i recognized that one tool
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