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  • R1 4c8 Kango ·
    Hi Could you tell me a price for a speedcell battery for a 2007 R1 and note that it runs heted grips, radar detector and a data logger. Do you also have ballance chargers?
    stanmart ·
    Hey i have a 3/4 yoshi alpha system on my 2016 R1. I want to get a flash but need a map loaded for my exhaust. Can you guys do this?
    RustyR1 ·
    Hey guys I recently bought a speed cell 2.5 battery from you guys and hooked it up today. Went to go turn the key and got no power. I have a 2015 R1 any suggestions as to what may have happened or what is wrong?
    kylinder ·

    Could you please give me the link to your front quick release kit for the 15 R1? I can't a seem to find it on your website.

    species101 ·
    I udnerstood you completely removed the ABS. Did you remove the ABS Block as well under the seat or is this not possible?

    Beamer ·
    I have a R1M. I want to turn it into a full race bike in the winter time. Can you tell me how well the electronic suspension woks. I saw that you are selling a FGR 184 cartridge system. Why would you change? What is the difference? Do you know the Ohlins R1m race kit conversion kit? Öhlins Extension and Race kits - Öhlins Racing
    This is also disabling the electronics? Why?

    I am also interested in your MWR air filter, Lacmoto frame and swingarm protector and other parts.
    dowutchudo ·
    I have a 2011 yamaha r1. I've had it flashed before but I think it's low on power for what has been done to my bike. Maybe you guys have some secrets working the ECU that they didn't know about. I've have the head port and polished by lees performance. I have graves cams degreed at the recommended spec by graves. Smog block off plates. YEC clutch springs. 3/4 exhaust Two brothers slip on with m-4 y pipe. Bmc race filter amd 6 inch extension which I'm about to take off. They did it and only came up with 170 hp to the wheel. I live in Texas. Do you think it would be beneficial for me to send my ECU to you guys to work your magic with my current mods? Thanks in advance.
    tdrhawk ·
    hey guys, is there a pc map for my 2014 R1 with M4 slip ons and aftermarket air filter? or do you know one that will work. I just recently had my ECU flashed by you but before i had mods
    03-R1DER ·
    Hey Guys, do you do ECU flash tuning for 03 R1's? What is the pros/cons to ECU flash rather than using a power commander? sorry for the dumb questions in advanced.
    AaronFlame ·
    YO sbk, im from singapore and wish to inquire about flash tune. What is exactly removed and what about the fuel consumption? Will it be affected drastically if i flashtune my r1? 2012 model. Shoot me up a price, located at Singapore.
    mefistofeles ·
    hi bro, Im looking for slip on set for my 2012 r1 , wonder what is the best price that u have for a graves link carbon exhaust,, let m know.tks
    RIP EP3 ·
    Hey sorry if you covered this some where and I missed it. But I am about to pay for the ecu flash. How do I pick the options I want?
    BIGRED_R1 ·
    Hi, I am not sure if you guys offer a dealership option on the ECU flashes. I am in South Africa and want to enquire about purchasing the necessary flasing interface in order to provide the service locally. Do you guys have such an option?

    Thanks in advance
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