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  • mufasa92 ·
    Hi! Can you please tell me the temperature range of the SW518 fan switch? When it is ON and when it is OFF?

    I am from Europe and I have found a switch similar to the SW518 (for Honda Accord II 1985) and I have to choose between two models. One has a temperature range of 92c(ON) - 87c(OFF) and the other have the range of 97c(ON) - 87c(OFF). Which one do you recommend?

    I the Service Manual the temerature range is 105 -+ 3(ON) - 98(OFF), similar to the second one with the 97c-87c range.
    grosko ·

    I have a 01 R1 and have a seized EXUP cable, any suggestions to free it up or just replace it?

    eaglejsc ·
    Kênh du l?ch Hu? noi cung c?p thông tin v? du lich Hue, thông tin xe open tour ? Hu?, xe Hue Da Nang, du lich ba na
    Joeyg19 ·
    Hey man, seems like your the guy with knowledge. Any experience messing with the exup valve, I believe mine is not resetting down when engine is started, it goes up when key turned and stays there.
    jdmpt ·
    question should all the wires running to the distributor coil have current or is it just the grey/orange wires need to have current
    MRCBO30 ·
    Since your the 99 r1 expert, I have a question. I posted a thread about my bike not starting and wanted to see if you could help me out. Thanks.
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