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  • wmhjr ·
    I'd like to understand how this forum works (or doesn't). First of all, twice (after registering, etc) I've created posts in threads that were already started, only to find after "submitting" the post that I got a dialog box stating that it would not be visible until after a mod reviewed it. Can you explain what that's all about?

    Second, after having tried using both Safari and Chrome, this forum is REALLY wonky in terms of the screen jumping around, etc. It's almost impossible to create a post. I have zero issues with any other forums, etc - period. These issues are unique to the R1-Forum. If it's just that you need to have a paid membership in order for it to function cleanly, please let me know. At present, for these two reasons thus far I've found it to be unusable.
    Hooli ·
    Greetings! I've been trying to find more info on the Graves "EVO" (IIRC) 3/4 exhaust for the 2015 and up R1's. It looks nearly identical to the 3/4 de-cat link system that's currently available but it includes an Exup-style butterfly valve that connects to the original actuation cables and Exup motor. I haven't seen anything on the Graves site, and sent them an inquiry message about it but have yet to hear back. Do you have any info on it (price, availability, etc.)? Thanks for any light you can shed on this!

    GripNrip ·
    Hey buddy!! long time no BAN!!! I'm looking for a decent track bike in the form of an r6. do you know anyone i can talk to??
    chrismpero ·
    Hey man.

    Question, the site at times bogs down either on my PC or phone. Typing, scrolling,posting etc.
    What browser do you recommend? I'm currently using Edge and thought that might be an issue but switched to IE10 and had the same results.

    Thank you

    mefistofeles ·
    Padrino ,how is life..?? hope is good,,

    Shane I do have a new M model 2015 and I need a full or slip on carbon fiber shorty exhaust with yellow and red logos, hit me up with a good price for each one so I can decide and choose, let m know when u are in my area so we can meet some time..

    saludos to the family..

    Taz_RazoR ·
    Hi SpidermanSS,

    I just have a quick question regarding the Graves slip on for the 2015 R1. As this is made from titanium, will the whole slip on change color with use?
    are-one ·
    Hello, I'm trying to sell some gear in the classified. But I can't figure out how to post pics? I get pics from file on phone but w h end I go to upload, it gives error. Any help would be appreciated.
    gametime ·
    Hello? I have a question i have a r1 04 i dropped the engine to rethread the 2 sparks plugs in the middle. Put it back togehter now it wont crank it turns over like it almost want to but doesnt I Have a new battery. I also had to change the dampers on the clutch genorator assembly when doing so i broke the plug that goes to it will that keep the bike from turning over?
    Most99R1 ·
    Crashed my 99 r1 about a month ago it was pretty bad but bike was in okay condition I suppose. Replaced handle bar and starter relay. Got it started and it sounds like complete ass. Kinda reminds me of a dirtbike. Also my tach will jump to 7k rpm. Read about exhaust valve and servo. I'm not sure if cables are to tight or if valve is ****ed. Any ideas??
    Supersport88 ·
    Greetings. New to the site. Not really sure the best way to do this, but my name is Tim. I recently had some misfortune, and wanted to spread the word about my stolen 08 r1 Raven with with 4700 miles and see if I can get lucky. I purchased it on craigslist 4/25/14. Exactly one week later (5/2) it was stolen from my corporate parking in Southfield, Michigan between the hours of 9:30-11:45am. This has been extra difficult because I only had it one week. It was my new precious! and now its gone :( I have Comp/Coll through progressive but wanted to see if this would work. The bike was registered to the state of Michigan with the plate 0NC23. Thanks
    My 2009 R1 has had a hard time starting for a long time now. By long time, I mean over two years. For quite some time I had thought it was the Anti Gravity Battery I had installed along with the slight voltage drain from my LoJack. Yesterday I purchased a new Yuasa stock battery. Fully charged I "barely" got the bike to start up after a few short burst ignition bumps. Snapped the clutch lever to quick at a stop light and killed the engine. Hit the ignition switch to start it back up and NOTHING. All I hear now when tapping the start button is a click coming from under the driver seat...Any ideas? My local Yamaha dealer had to sell due to the economy and the new owner is a fool who hired non Yamaha trained techs so I'm not going there. Need a little advice please. Thank you in advance. 2009 R1...Graves slip ons, ASV shorty levers, re-flashed ECU, dropped a tooth up front, many cosmetic mods...20k miles, original owner...this starting problem is the only issue I have had.
    chickwhipper ·
    Could you please do me a favor and delete my account? There was a situation that happened on here that makes me want to not be associated with this website any longer.
    mujwabi ·
    Wondering if you can delete my account? Sadly I too have sold the bike and now doing off road more - maybe I'll come back... It was a great forum for finding tips, tricks, repairs and mods.
    Diebythereaper ·
    I keep getting "We miss you emails" because Im not on here anymore and dont own an R1, Can I please be removed from this emailing list?? I have tried to unsubscribe myself from these emails before but it hasnt worked. Thanks, Diebythereaper
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