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  • RuinerZX10 ·
    I've posted a PCV in the for sale section and it has not shown up yet. I tried to create a new post for this item recently as the original was removed a couple months ago. I am not sure why, but my guess would be that I added a galfer rear brake disc to it and perhaps a sponsor didn't like that. Can you let me know why my post has not been approved.
    SoloStunna99 ·
    My bad about the GYTR question, got the Graves and GYTR stuff confused. Tell me more about the Graves shorty....Might be an option as well. Only comes as a full system, correct? Any big HP diffeences between the shorty pipe and duals?
    SoloStunna99 ·
    Hey Shane,

    I saw a '09 with a GYTR shorty pipe on it and wondered if this is a direct fit or did they have the "play" with it to get it to work. Any thoughts? Would you happen to know the diameter of the GYTR shorty connector pipe? I believe the R1 pipe off headers is 2 1/4" (part that connects to Y-pipe). Just looking at this as a potential option. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    NoxImus ·
    Hey man, thanks for your help today on the phone. Just ordered the Slider for my bike, and we talked a little about the header/cam setup. Thanks again, I will be doing that in the near future.
    Jacobe ·
    I have 2000 r1 and I lost the thrust washer that behind the sprocket that runs the oil pump. What r the dementions of that washer?
    primetime808 ·
    What's up Shane. Have a question. I have a 07 r1 with graves full exhaust(bought from you) pc3 with graves map and custom tune around it. It been set up like this for the last five years. I've been satisfied with the performance because my bike has been faster than most. With all this new power(BMW,ninja) I was wondering about more power. I've been doing research and been reading about the Different ecu's and the flashes. The yec caught my attention. Does this unleash more power, and if so could I use it to help my set up now or would I be wasting my time.
    Blue 09 ·
    Hey I have a question about the graves clutch kit. I installed it first the washer then the judder spring then replaced the last fiber with your new one. I adjust the clutch cable started the bike and put it in first. When I did the bike moved forward while still holding the clutch lever in all the way. Did I install something wrong?
    SPEED79 ·
    Hi Shane just got your contact info here frome the site i have a question is it possible to get just a mid pipe and all the retaining springs for a full Graves carbon fiber exhaust
    ROMEO 6.8 ·
    Thanks, that sounds great. I just got back into riding after about a 20 year break. I'm slowly but surly getting my confidence back. I like to ride the twisty turnnies and "hard" riding. I also love the top end. Yes, I have been to the the top of of my R1 (187mph). What a ride. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    dbdesigns ·
    Can you opt out of the vendor rights at any time? I have a small one man part time home based machine shop that I do for some extra money and because it's fun. I can't commit to haveing the funds every month to cover the fees though. Thanks for anf info

    ROMEO 6.8 ·
    How do I become a "VENOM" member? I live in Acworth,GA. I'm looking for more people to ride and "BS" with in the area. I am the proud owner of a red 08 R1. Thanks.
    LION R1 ·
    Hello:How are you dear?
    I own an 2010 R1 (US Specs) and i would like to mod the engine in the right way, please help me with the mods.
    I'm interestedin:
    1-Graves works exhaust. the sameone found in the josh's bike.
    2-Graves works camshafts.
    3-Graves works velocity stacks, already have them brand new in the box, orderd from oppracing.
    4-And another necessary equibment for the engine mod.

    Positive reply please.
    Thanks buddy
    LION R1
    rubicon1968 ·
    Hey how do I get rid of this under my name " Just made this great wheelie did you see it?" Without posting stupid comments in every thread.. Its embarrassing as I don't ride wheelies and have been riding for 20 years.. Thanks Mike
    nacho-666 ·
    Hi, i`m from Argentina and I want to get more power with electronic instruments, I guess that u r the indicate man... i`ll buy power commander, which one`s better? PC III or PC V or Bazzaz, do you`ve any setting about this? best regards and sorry for my english...
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