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  • Fikays ·
    lmao those comments were just to remind you that you forgot to do a couple of things. That's all. :lol
    Jpayne00 ·
    hey, i saw where you posted in the Atlanta riders meet up. i need some people to ride with im in douglasville. My name is Joel
    roadgames ·
    I was looking to keep some site loyalty going on but I've looked at the whole site and for some reason can't seem to find the krypton HID site sponsor. I've asked on a post and they said go to home page which I did and I never seen anything about krypton. Also, if I do find them on here do we get a discount or something or are we just buying from site sponsors just because?
    r1Totzauer ·
    hey shane i got a question i been askin..i wanted ur opinion if u didnt mind...i got that 180 rear tire i got last year at the yamaha dinner and wondered what u thought bout its performance on a r1...u do alot of riding and i dont get much canyon riding in and i dont use 180s...but ive been thinkin of putting it on and seeing how it goes but now its the gap time again and didnt know what to expect..whats ur thoughts...
    _Nasty_R1 ·
    Was wondering how difficult it would be to change my username, I re registered with a new Username and then i finally got my password for this one. I would like my new one if all possible.
    R1Rider31 ·
    First off, I PMd Kevap and he told me to contact you. Anyway, for some reason it won't let me post a new thread in the "trade" section. It says "you don't have permission to access this page" when I click on the "new thread" box. Can you help me? Chris
    LiV3FaStMiNh ·
    Hey bro I was looking at your turbo kit for the 05 r1 and was intrested in buying the kit but looking at the intake plenum, did u still use the rubber gasket that came with the stock airbox or did u just set the aluminum plate straight on it? I'm just concerned on how it seals up. Can u send me pics of it? I would really love the turbo set up from the black turbo r1 that You guys have on YouTube. I'm not sure if it was Shane that tested it out?
    Trogdor!! ·
    hey there my usual username is ChingoBling!! i usually have no problem logging in but everytime i try i get a error message saying my password is incorrect. when i try to retrieve my password it says my email is unrecognized. my usual email is [email protected]
    r1Totzauer ·
    its intresting on how the past 2 yrs i attended i got a better rate without telling them about the group..didnt know if u knew or not, i thought it was screwed up how fontana did that
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