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  • Kevap ·
    Here's my question... what's the difference between a Visitor Message and a Private Message??? :dunno
    SpidermanSS ·
    Yes Valentino..... I know you helped develop the bike that Jorge is winning on and it upsets you but you would have been just as mad when Ben Spies came along and did the same thing. Good luck at Ducati and tell them to make a street bike that doesn't rattle like hell and I might want to ride one some time.....

    SpidermanSS ·
    This is chat on people's profile pages.... lol We've done a few fall trips........ When it rains always turns into trouble.... lol
    SpidermanSS ·
    hahahhaahahahhaahahahahahaha..... NO HOMO sales are allowed.... Please provide proof of the said merchandise in private disclosures and we'll consider the offer. - Regards
    Aron213 ti ·
    hello sir, I think I would like to be a site sponsor. I have looked over your list of sponsors and noticed nobody is selling what I can sell. I sell pussy, I have a wide range of pussy to sell. I have white, black, asian and hispanic, some are mixed. I can even have a monthly group buy where you can get 2 for the price of one.
    Now I have noticed that a percentage of your members are gay, those homo's are on thier own, I dont deal with dicks, just pussy!

    I await your response :)
    SpidermanSS ·
    We did an up date to the site software a few days ago and there was some issues with internet explorer. It should be resolved now.

    Reference to virus issues from this site. We do not product or have virus on this site. I'd suggest running a sweep of your computer. Good luck...

    richochet ·
    I'm floundering around a bit here because I'm not sure who is the go-to person for site related issues, but maybe you are the correct contact. The last couple of times I have logged on a security program on my PC (Webroot Spy Sweeper) has blocked an attempted intrusion into my PC from a site known to propagate spyware (RD.APMEBf.com). This site is linked to R1-forum.com in some way. I have also noticed in the last couple of days that when I click on links to some of the thread that they do not display (may or may not be connected to the spyware program). Anyway, though you should know - let me know if I can help. I also sent KEVAP this same info and he did not respond.

    REKIII ·
    Hello. Are you an Admin? Taking a guess from the red font.

    I can't seem to view any of the forum pages. I could yesterday, I'm sure it is a problem on my end. I can log in, I can look at my control panel, send messages, look at the index, but if I click on one of the forums, it loads a black page.

    Any help would be great.

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