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  1. Is there new site ownership today?

    Community Help
    Wow... such changes since I once ran this site! Can't the new owner please fix the javascript error that shows up on the mainpage and many sub pages? The reason I sold r1-forum.com in the first place was because I was in need of quick money when I lived in California. Seeing what it's turned...
  2. Hulkster Divorce

    Off Topic Talk
    in what way does this or any woman deserve half of what her man has made during his life? it's a crazy and undjust law. in such case of being married to bill gates, why would the woman married to the king of Microsoft deserve XX billions of dollars? Wouldn't bill gates be able to make money...
  3. The Kentucky Kid on MTV

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    Actually for once that was a pretty good show and gave a lot more info about who Nicky Hayden is and and a view of his take on the motogp racing.
  4. Marchenisi wheels okay with oem sprocket and chain?

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    You need the hub / sprocket holder, that usually comes with the rear wheel. just make sure you get that too. sprockets etc stay the same as long as the hub / sprocket holder is for your bike.
  5. miss you Allllllllllllllllllll

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    Nothing, I was sponsored this year by Aprilia (racing). I love the Aprilia. It's a wicked bike. Just lacks the top end punch that the R1 delivers. Keeping it for street riding and back on the R1 for track racing.
  6. miss you Allllllllllllllllllll

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    I'm here buddy :secret: :D atleast every now and then I'm here. But since I don't run this place anymore I won't/can't give my fine adjustments to it anymore. I'm running my other site www.sporthoj.com. It's in Swedish though. I'm back on an R1 next year! yeah :rock
  7. I'm back on the R1 again!

    Racers Corner
    I actually can't wait! I hate waiting... really. it sucks ass. lol Thansk Gawarrior, that's the basic stuff then I guess. Figured if there was some secret crap that has gotten out there to improve geometry and stuff. But I've actually only heard good things about the new R1 so I'm feeling...
  8. I'm back on the R1 again!

    Racers Corner
    Hurray! A year on an Aprilia RSV1000R Factory has made me appreciate the nimbleness of the R1, and also its speed resources. Don't get me wrong, the Aprilia is a pluckin' awesome machine and I'm definetly keeping it for street riding. The twin engine and its chassi cannot be beat. And I actually...
  9. car pics...

    Off Topic Talk
    They look pretty good! How's the sound in the car? I hate cars that are noisy. I've ordered an Audi S5 (black, tinted windows and full nav etc) after testing a bunch of cars. Sadly I had to take the most expensive one... it's kinda bugging me. I could buy two "nice" cars for the price of the...
  10. who will ride for yamaha on 2008????

    Racers Corner
    yeah, that is what I've seen as well... and it's crazy. And really shouldn't be possible unless you get a freak start and is 3rd or 4th into first corner after the start. and considering the fact that there sometimes is as much as 3-4 seconds between number uno and number ten on the grid...
  11. What in the F is this world coming to?!?!

    Off Topic Talk
    public beatings and deaths... and beheadings? jeezes, you're describing iraq/extreme muslim teritories. and that is what the us and some eu countries have gone to war about. surely he should be punished. but we live in the civilized part of the world, let's keep it that way. please
  12. who will ride for yamaha on 2008????

    Racers Corner
    I've watched a few AMA races this year and all I saw was Mladin and Spies fight for 1st and 2nd... all other racers on the track were way off pace. What's up with that? The dudes that was lapped was incredibly slow... it was very evident. They hardly had enough speed to stear the bikes. Also top...
  13. I'm back ! Again !

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    Searching my screen name once in a while and saw my name mentioned. Cool to hear people from my era are still active. I've been on an aprilia this year racing. I'm keeping it for the street, but going back to the 2008 r1 next year for racing though. Btw, by "Oz" is that referring to New...
  14. Rider eats it on Palomar

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    searched my screen name and found this. yeah, that little run off was crazy. got squeezed underneath the guard rail and fell down the slope. although the bike came to an abrupt stop on the guard rail. oh the days... =)
  15. Me sliding into corner [video]

    Racers Corner
    yeah, thanks for the compliments. I've progressed quite a bit since my adventure to the US... although i regret that move completely now... because I really would love to travel to the US, purchase a race bike and start racing over there. It's a longer season, more races and actually a winnings...