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  • jgreen ·
    Hi Tad

    You've helped me in the past so I thought I'd reach out again. I have a flashed ECU and cannot get into diag mode - it just reports Err 4. You mentioned before to unplug the Immobilizer but I'm not sure how to do that. I don't know which connection it is or where it is.

    Thanks so much
    Rune Daner ·
    Hi Tad

    Do you know how the QS on FT-ECU works, I'm trying to figure out how to install my strain gauge with control module to the FT harness. The module I have can produce NO 0-5v and many other configuration but it seems it might need to short circuit to ground, which sensor did you use ?

    Best Regards Rune
    rolacycle1198 ·
    Hey tad i've been reading up on a ton of stuff concerning 2009 r1 and seems like your the guy to ask... im having trouble with pcv and auto tune. i was a m/c a decade and understand everything going on. im just not familiar with all the different options available. but from all the stuff ive read in forms doesnt excatly fit mods ive done.

    Carrillo Pistons +2 mm (80mm) 13:1 (1st set ever produced)

    Arkapovic Carbon EVO line

    Dnyojet Power Commander V

    Autotune Wideband 2

    Air Injection block off plates (will be installed within 10 days)

    Brock's slipper clutch mod
    (will be installed within 10 days)

    after reading everything i could find i guess my question is do i need Flash tune?? or is there anything else ive missed that i need that would help?
    tbanj ·
    Hi TAD.
    Been reading your posts and you seem to know your way around bikes.
    Just bought a 2014 R1 (UK model) with about 5,000km on the clock.
    It has the Yoshimura 3/4 exhaust installed and i believe every other thing is pretty much stock.
    Problem is that the bike seems not to be able to go beyond 250/260kph regardless of what i do.
    I have ordered for a k& N air filter. do you think that can make a difference?
    Ecotec ·
    Hi Tad,

    i try the Graves Map for the first Time the last to Days on a german Track.

    I only want FTECU Flash because it is usable with the great Blipper from FTECU
    It works really great on the Bike, so easy and smooth.

    The Power is better than the KIT ECU with the FTECU Graves Map, but the Throttle Responce
    is holy shit.

    On full lean Angle it dont feel good on the Track, the Kit ECU where better in Throttle Responce.

    Is it possible to fix it? I saw the Graves Maps are closed for tune :(
    DarkHorse ·
    Tried to PM you but your box is full. Here's what I wrote:

    "NCBIKE on the 26th (next Sunday) is looking like a definite go.

    Will you be there? It's with Team Pro-Motion."
    DarkHorse ·
    Your inbox is full. This is what I wrote:

    Damn. Thanks. And the plugs are less than 2,000 miles old. I always check the gap with a wire gaper.

    I'm going to a different tuner and will run the AT and try to fill in all the bins. I will do so only if the tuner seems as if he does not know what he's doing.

    I was up front with the place and told them about the AT and they said sure. They said they might even let me run it myself to fill in as much cells as possible.
    DarkHorse ·
    I tried PMing. You box is full.

    What AFRs does your bike seem to be happy with? I'm playing around with AutoTune for a bit.
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