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    just read your post regarding the FT cable, as you have opened the box do you have the pinout from usb to ecu and the 5v connector.
    MicksteR1 ·
    Hi Jamie,
    I'm using the new software and cable now and tried another map, then when I tried yours again, my dash display shows an error (50 - Internal ECU issue).
    When I try a new map from new software, no errors - have you experienced this?
    I'm trying the new Unrestricted with a PCV import (515 for my exhaust) and YEC Ign. goes great but have lost the high in gear idle :( I liked that in your map.
    I've copied your idle table now so will try that tomorrow.
    Are you using the new software yet?
    jang314 ·
    I just purchased the superlite rs7 rear sprocket, i saw that you have one and was wondering how it is holding up for you so far. and or how many miles you have put on it so far.
    Haga08 ·
    Hi there, please excuse my direct approach but I have searched and read this forum front to back and not found what I am looking for. I have an 08 R1 with FT and a PCV with autotune and am having trouble figuring out how to properly import my autotune trims. To be more specific, when importing a PCV map you must choose stock or current image, I have tried both but but can see no evidence of any changes in any of the FT fuel maps.

    In one of the threads I also came across someone claiming the map you provided felt really good and would really appreciate it if you would be prepared to share that with me as well.

    Any assistance would be really appreciated.

    jase636 ·
    Hi can u help me with a nice map for my r1 please !
    I got a 2008 4c8 3/4 yoshi, de-cat pipe and k&n filter !!!
    I was advised on forum that u r awesome with the maps
    I'm new to flash tune, just trying to get grip of it lol
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