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  • danchoi123 ·
    thanh học kế toán thực hành excel tại hải phòng thuế GTGT, chỉ
    có dịch vụ làm bctc tại nam định ghi chung giá
    u không quy trinh lap bao cao tai chinh thanh toán thì
    ghi tách riêng học kế toán tại vĩnh phúc thuế GTGT đầu
    + dịch vụ kế toán trọn gói
    dịch vụ làm bctc tại thanh xuân thuế
    chưa lop hoc ke toan tai ha nam ra phải tính
    và dich vu ra soat so sach ke toan tai tphcm trên giá thanh
    DoombringerR1 ·
    hey mate first of all how are you going my friend???

    As for your question no i havent got the tattoo as of yet... The bloke i want to get it done by is in Poland so its going to cost quite a bit in flights etc :) and i dont want to get it done by just anyone and the work ive seen of his is mind blowing and im a real fan of his work

    I really hope your keeping well dude

    SAB ·
    Rearsets were sold Andre. Having fitted the Harris ones though, I'd say hold out for those. They just suit my preferences in style a bit more. You can find them pretty regularly too.

    Can't wait to see that damper and chain fitted. Hey I sent you a picture of an idea I have for a tail light. What do you think?
    SAB ·
    Glad to hear man. Sounds like it may be time to kick this thing to the curb for good eh? I'm sure the bikes could use a good dusting.

    Build is going well man. Finally making some real headway. You'll like the latest....email sent :thumbup
    SAB ·
    I know I know...I'm as useless as a Fireblade. I'm off tomorrow afternoon...I'll get the pics then. :thumbup
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