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  • Waynegronight ·
    Thank you for your awesome how to and answers to all questions! I've got one for you. What do you when when you gap the sparkplugs before install? Do you alter the gap or what do you mean.

    Thank you
    / Roy -a Swede
    Twincharge7 ·
    Hey Wheat,

    I am at the end of my wits and need your advises and suggestions. I own a '06 R1. My bike idles for a minute & the idle slowly goes down and then it dies. So, i started it again & everytime I twist the throttle, the engine automatically shut off. This happens after I replaced the tank to OEM tank, unhooked power commander, & installed EXUP valve. So, I thought the EXUP valve is the problem, but it's not. After I removed the EXUP valve, it still does the same thing. Then, I unhooked the battery for 30min to reset the map to factory setting, & the bike still does the same thing. Does this have anything to do with the TPS? Thanks in advanced sir!

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