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    Good afternoon.
    We have the same problem with the error 42 in our YZF R1 2016. We are produced in the circuit and in certain circumstances and it would help me a lot on your part to answer a question.
    When you arrive at your garage, with the motor of your motorcycle stopped, it obviously does not detect the error 42 until you re-open the contact of your motorcycle the next day. My question is this:
    When you re-open the contact of your motorbike, the error 42 manifests itself in the dashboard immediately or appears once you have started to roll with your motorcycle a few meters? We have the bike ready for racing and we believe after knowing your case, that in our case, it has to do with the gas opening table in idle but it manifests in the same way as in the case of you.
    I would be very grateful to know an answer to my question.
    Thanks in advance.
    Víctor Alayón.
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