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  • zx7marsh ·
    I guess I dont understand why? It seems like the only difference would possibly be the center cable length. And that may be adjusted by using the cable adjusters that are located close to the throttle end? At worst case maybe you would need center cable redone to a different length. Or use the factory twist grip?
    Benocehcap ·
    Hi Marsh,
    Yes i did got your Email. Thanks for sharing your fantastic air box and carbs. I LOVED the sound of the carbs... Cant wait to install mine in :cool: I don't have any time during the week to go to the garage and make a comprehensive email to you. So i was waiting for the weekend. I just go last week from my machinist my rear hanger for the Harris Performance UK caliper. Looks Wicked!
    I have a few Questions to ask about the carbs, so i will email you as soon when I'm free.
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