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  1. Rpm hanging

    07-08 R1 Mechanical Help
    Zero out your PC3 and see if it still does it. You don't need a PC3 and a flashed ECU. They both do the same thing... set the fueling maps.
  2. Best mirror block off’s?

    General Motorcycle Discussions
  3. problemas con mi r1 2010

    09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    agregue 250 ml de aceite a su R1
  4. FS: 2006 50th Anniversary R1 - 8600 Miles - $6000 - Atlanta, GA

    Bikes For Sale
    Seller hasn't logged into the forum since November of 2018. So with that said, I will close this thread now and remove it in a couple of days.
  5. Longtime reader new member

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome, it's amazing the feeling you get from working on your own bike and getting it road worthy. (y) When you reply to this post, just hit CTRL-P and it will open a box where you can drag and drop pictures.
  6. 04-06 R1 Autotune Questions?

    04-06 R1 Mechanical Help
    1) It's not necessary, but with adding higher compression and the mods it's highly suggested. 2) Yes, again with all the changes, it will probably be harder to find a generic map that will work. So a full dyno tune is highly suggested. 3) You won't have to do anything to the tps.
  7. FS: 15-19 R1 Titanium Mid Pipe - $400 Shipped

    Bike Parts For Sale
    Which company produced this mid pipe??? Can you add a couple more pictures showing the inlets and outlet.
  8. 2020 Deals Gap Convention.

    Deals Gap Convention Past Year's Archive
    This will be my 3rd year not going down. I have pretty much given up riding on the street so I'm a track only guy now.
  9. Help, my position is incorrect when installing the trident?

    15-19 R1 Mechanical Help
    Step 1 - Remove forks out of the triple clamps. Step 2 - Adjust the top triple clamp to fit correctly over steering stem. Step 3 - Install forks into the triple clamps.
  10. Camshaft torque pattern and specs 99 r1

    98-99 R1 Mechanical Help
  11. Greetings fellow Riders

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome to the madness! :cool:
  12. Keep or remove power commander 3 after getting ecu flashed

    04-06 R1 Mechanical Help
    Remove it... they both do the same job, but know, the ECU flash has many more benefits that the PC3 does.
  13. R1 fairings

    Appearance & Mods
    yes, 09-14 R1 are all compatible. The only difference is the extra drl lights near the headlights on 12+. If you are buying the upper fairing then you will need a 12+ headlight wiring harness to make those lights work.
  14. R1 sticker white pearl

    New Member Introductions
    www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/5286b490f8700230dc2a81f8/cowling-1 www.partshark.com/oemparts/a/yam/5286b490f8700230dc2a81f8/cowling-2
  15. R1 sticker white pearl

    New Member Introductions
    Para sua informação, este é um site de língua inglesa. Você pode encontrar 1 ou 2 que podem conversar com você em português. Eu não sou um deles, como eu usei o Google Tradutor. (y)
  16. 2007 R1 2nd Gear 5500RPM Throttle Lag, Need Help

    07-08 R1 Mechanical Help
    SBU is Superbike Unlimited - They are a motorcycle shop and do a lot of great work. ECU flashing, tuning, building, etc. So the OP sent his ECU to SBU to have it flashed. You can find this service on the website below. I had them flash and dyno tune my 15 R1 at their shop while I was riding...
  17. 2009 R1 Kenny Roberts fairing kit??

    Appearance & Mods
    If I remember correctly, in 2009 they were sold through this website - shopyamaha.com/accessories-home but are no longer available.
  18. FS: 15-19 R1M Stock Fuel Tank & Airbox Cover - $1000 + Shipping

    Bike Parts For Sale
    What actual year did this tank come from? Paint is slightly different between years.
  19. FS: Alpinestar Atem Suit, Nucleon Chest Protector, Forcefield Back Protector

    Gear For Sale
    Please fix your chest protector asking price.... you have it as $S0 right now. I'm assuming $50?
  20. FS: Teknic White Leather Suit - Size 46US/56EU - $400 Shipped

    Gear For Sale
    My sources say San Diego, CA
1-20 of 402 Results