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  1. R1s gives the R1m the smackdown

    Yamaha R1 - R1M Pictures & Videos
    This just in, fast rider on slower bike is faster than slow rider on faster bike ;)
  2. 2019 MotoGP Season **Spoiler Alert**

    I don't know why Vale lets him get inside his head... MM does not need to follow VR to set a laptime, he does it just to mess with his mind and VR lets him do it every single time.
  3. 2019 MotoGP Season **Spoiler Alert**

    Well I guess everyone else saw something different, because Rins definitely had his moment before Fabio did.
  4. Banged up New 18’ R1

    Yamaha YZF-R1 - R1M General Discussion
    You couldn't pay me to take a bike with a scratched frame, but that's just me. If that damage occurred from a low-side, the insurance company would write it off.
  5. Looking for a turbo kit for my 2008 R1

    Appearance & Mods
    Over 8 years later? I doubt it very much.
  6. 2019 MotoGP Season **Spoiler Alert**

    If Yamaha has any sense, they will pick up Zarco as their test rider since Folger is talking about retuning to racing full time for 2020.
1-6 of 6 Results