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General Information

I acquired Raissa from friend of mine during my tour in Tacloban City at a very very good price. She was my first ever super sports bike and fell in love with riding sports immediately. While she obviously didn't run as smooth as I would have wanted her too, at the price I paid and since I was still leaving people behind by adjusting my ride to compensate, I enjoyed her nevertheless, that is, until a year and a half later. With a whole line of new bikes being released, particularly the paginale and the rr hp4, I was looking at letting her go. In fact, I sent her to one of my MC Brothers's house already so people can start checking her out.

Then the big one hit - Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest recorded storm to ever make landfall.
As no one has ever experienced such a storm before, no one could have foresaw that the house where Raissa was (where 4 other of our club's bikes were) would actually be flooded, the said area having never been before. So sadly, unlike my BMW GT that was safely in my place (which turned out to be the safest place in the city) and the others which were in Manila - Raissa was swimming in the sea water that Typhoon Haiyan forcibly pushed inland (hyper storm surge!!!)

(to be continued)
2007 Yamaha R1 (Blue)



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