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Liquid Metal?
I decided I wanted an M from the first time I saw the "Blurring the Line" video promo. I asked my "home" dealership if they could get me one and they pretty much said no, but with a deposit, MAYBE next year. Not good enough; so I looked around. Then I found my mistress on the northwest side of town. there she lay upon her pedastool with plaquered that sayeth do not touch. I search desperitly for a guard and demand my mistress be removed from her pedastool that i might awake her from her slumber with the one true kiss. alas it is then that they inform me;my mistress cost $25,000.00 base, plus tax, title, liscense, delivery charge for that which is already here, and loads more trash charges. To wit i say, are you stupid? or am i on punk'd? nobody is dumb enough to pay that much over for this mistress. to wit the manager replies we have already sold one at that price, and our price is non-negotiable. so left with no other choice, i called the only other dealershship in texas that had a mistress of this caliber at the time and inform them of my predicement. i proceed to work out a deal with them that was more desirable.
2015 Yamaha R1M (Liquid Metal?)


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