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  1. 00-01 R1 Mechanical Help
    Ok this is my 3rd post about this issue or issues. Had timing issues they I believe are corrected. Then carburetor issues they are kinda resolved. Now I have 2 dead cylinders 2&3 I got spark coils tested good primary circuit tested good plugs test good but spark looks week to me . I could be...
  2. 00-01 R1 Mechanical Help
    Hey I posters before but no response I have a 00 r1 I think my timing may be off but not sure it sputteres when taking off and has no power till like 2000 rpms or more back fires a little and kinda vibrates too . I did a Dynojet jet kit all jets are clean and new and changed the cct. I’m...
1-2 of 2 Results