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2000 r1

  1. Starter motor issues 2000 r1

    00-01 Performance Group
    Whats up bros...i got a 2000 r1 that the postive post on the starter motor(where the wire connects to starter motor) broke off...im wondering to keep from having to buy a new starter, can i somehow go in and repair/improvise a way to connect the wire. Thanks in advance
  2. My rpms are bouncing when idling & when revving/riding doesn’t respond?

    00-01 R1 Mechanical Help
    Hey guys I’m new on here and basically the title says all I was going to put here, any help is appreciated
  3. Won’t Start After New Gas Tank

    00-01 R1 Mechanical Help
    my boyfriend has a 2000 yamaha r1 & yesterday he put on a new gas tank. it was running fine before he switched it, now that its on, it starts to turn over but won’t start. any ideas on what could be wrong? anything helps, thanks in advance!
  4. WTB: 00-01 R1 Stock Fuel Tank

    Bikes/Parts Wanted
    mother-in-law backed into my baby (my R1, mind you, not my actual baby) in the driveway and so now I'm down 1 fuel tank. Anybody have one or know of one that's available? Shipping will be to Rockaway, New Jersey 07866. A blue one would be awesome, but I'll take anything I can find for a...