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  1. 15-19 R1 Mechanical Help
    Caveat: This post is still early in the diagnosis process, but I wanted to hear from others on this forum. About a week ago I discovered my 2020 R1M with ~24000 miles wouldn't start. Battery problems were ruled out because I couldn't jump or bump start it. I had it towed to an authorized Yamaha...
  2. 15-19 R1 Mechanical Help
    I have two PDFs that look like official, Yamaha-published documents. One has a blue and white first page with "YZF1000 (YZF-R1), YZF1000D (YZF-R1M)", and B3L-28199-E0 at the bottom. The other has a yellow/gold star with "genuine yamaha manual", a red "Yamaha" with the logo to the left, "YZF-R1...
1-2 of 2 Results