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  1. 15-19 R1 Mechanical Help
    Just installed hotbodies rearsets (standard shifting) on my 2018 r1. I went for a test drive and notice that I cant change gears at low speeds and sometimes I cant put it in neutral. When im at cruising speeds I can downshift to 3rd gear but not second or first or neutral. Quick shifting works...
  2. Bike Parts For Sale
    $600 obo I have a rear wheel off of a 2018 R1 for sale. This is the factory wheel. It has a crack in it which will be shown in pictures. Will come with a Battlax tire with a little life left. *The Crack: I noticed the crack shortly after buying the bike. So I can't say for sure how it...
  3. Appearance & Mods
    I just purchased my first R1. It's a 2018 (not the M). It was advertised as having a rear reservoir delete kit, which I have never seen or heard of. I didn't test drive it because I didn't want to create a liability issue and the guy drove it to the meet up. He told me that the rear brakes had...
1-3 of 3 Results