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  1. Starter motor issues 2000 r1

    00-01 Performance Group
    Whats up bros...i got a 2000 r1 that the postive post on the starter motor(where the wire connects to starter motor) broke off...im wondering to keep from having to buy a new starter, can i somehow go in and repair/improvise a way to connect the wire. Thanks in advance
  2. Rectifier Problems? Stator Problems? Tell me!

    00-01 R1 Mechanical Help
    Here's what I know, I bought the bike recently. 2001 R1. No odometer. Guy said 25,000 miles on it, probably more like 40k. Bike rode home just fine. Made a few stops. Started right up all good. Got it into my garage, then my buddy and I were just doing some further inspection of it. Got it at a...