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  1. Bike Parts For Sale
    $2,200 + shipping. These came off of a 2004 R1 with 330x5 and barely used. Part: X99C460 and X99C461. They accept the pads in Z04 compound 107A48604 Brembo says: make sure you know the mount system for your bike (ie. radial vs. conventional) and be aware that you may need spacers to get the...
    $2,200 USD
  2. Bikes/Parts Wanted
    Hi guys, Where can one buy those blue spot screws on the calipers for a R1 1998 model, aftermarket or original part? Not sure if they are called that way either. Maybe even other colors I would accept too... Doing a complete revision on them....
  3. Bike Parts For Sale
    Brembo Lithium Aluminium Calipers 108mm + Brembo Brake Pads - $2,600 Shipped (in the U.S. otherwise additional shipping cost). XA5M021, XA5M020. Here is a link to what they are going for new (without brake pads), hard to find especially in the US. Same kind as used by MOTOGP, great items and...
  4. Yamaha R1 + R1M Tech & Performance Chat
    Forgive me if this topic has been already well flogged - I couldn't find a 'search' feature that would let me search a specific forum. Anyhow, I'm just curious as to how the brake calipers on the latest R1 are performing for everyone. Are they something that people are upgrading a lot? How are...
1-4 of 4 Results