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  1. Oily coolant

    09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    Hi everyone, just a quick intro, I'm new to road bikes and recent bought my 09 model purely for track. I've been out to two track days and the bike felt awesome. I'm loving it. By chance, I noticed that the coolant overflow looked a bit dark in its container, so I popped it open and it felt...
  2. More 2006 R1 Problems, Please Help

    04-06 R1 Mechanical Help
    Okay I replaced the thermostat and didn't have an o ring so obviously the thermostat housing is leaking, while looking at the left side (if sitting on the bike) of the bike I noticed an orange thing that looks like a gasket? Pardon my Idiocracy as I don't know anything about engines, but what...