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  1. 04-06 R1 Mechanical Help
    I bought a used '05 R1 with under 6k miles and the previous owner informed me it had a cylinder 1 misfire, I checked spark plugs / coils and found no deficiency's. I ended up seeing that the EXUP wire was just hanging under the bike and added an eliminator as there was a code (17) showing up on...
  2. 09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    First post here, hopefully in the right spot. So I recently bought a 2009 r1 that doesn’t run. Got a good deal on it. Been workin on bikes a while now so I’ve done all the basics, fresh gas, cleaned fuel filter, checked fuel pressure, checked coils, new plugs, fresh oil, air filter, new...
  3. 09-14 R1 Mechanical Help
    Does anyone know what is the factory CO sertings on an 09-14 R1. Cant find it anywhere.
  4. 04-06 R1 Mechanical Help
    My bike runs and rides great however has issues starting, the fuel pump works, starter is solid and only issue I know of is the battery is a little weak. I ran diag mode and discovered several fault codes which only one I'm concerned about which was "43". The code means the ECU cannot properly...
1-4 of 4 Results