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  1. 04-06 Performance Group
    So I have a full Graves system, Power Commander V, and dyno tune and was wondering if I wanted to change the slip ons would I have to get the bike retuned?
  2. 04-06 Performance Group
    Got my bike on the dyno recently and was pretty surprised by the results. 164.5hp and 104ft-lb torque on a 17 year old engine seems decent to me! Relevant mods: Full akra exhaust BMC air filter Velocity Stacks -1/+2 Driven sprockets with 520 chain Curious to see what other bikes from the...
  3. General Motorcycle Discussions
    I have a 2017 Yamaha R1. I just bought my SC Project exhaust. I need a tune. Do I just get the PCV, get my ECU Flashed, or get the bike on a Dyno? I thought I had an understanding of these, but after reading some more I guess I don’t. I’ve heard of getting the ECU flashed, and then putting it on...
1-3 of 3 Results