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  1. 04-06 Performance Group
    So I have a full Graves system, Power Commander V, and dyno tune and was wondering if I wanted to change the slip ons would I have to get the bike retuned?
  2. Yamaha R1 + R1M Tech & Performance Chat
    Hey there, I recently picked up a 2015 R1M that had been previously dynotuned by someone local in Vancouver, Canada. This tuner regularly uses FT ECU for dyno tuning, but this tuner isn't willing to provide any info as to whether I need to purchase another license if I get the bike tuned by...
  3. 04-06 Performance Group
    Got my bike on the dyno recently and was pretty surprised by the results. 164.5hp and 104ft-lb torque on a 17 year old engine seems decent to me! Relevant mods: Full akra exhaust BMC air filter Velocity Stacks -1/+2 Driven sprockets with 520 chain Curious to see what other bikes from the...
  4. General Motorcycle Discussions
    I have a 2017 Yamaha R1. I just bought my SC Project exhaust. I need a tune. Do I just get the PCV, get my ECU Flashed, or get the bike on a Dyno? I thought I had an understanding of these, but after reading some more I guess I don’t. I’ve heard of getting the ECU flashed, and then putting it on...
1-4 of 4 Results