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  1. Bikes/Parts Wanted
    Want to buy a 2002-2003 R1 engine. Needing a sound engine that came off a running bike. Willing to drive a few hundred miles any direction or to pay shipping. Thanks!
  2. Bikes/Parts Wanted
    Hi. I'm looking for a crankcase for my 2015 R1. I checked part number for 2016+ aren't the same but if you know it would fit I wouldn't mind either. I specifically need the upper crankcase only but if you think it's not possible to sell separately I would take the lower as well if it's within...
  3. General Motorcycle Discussions
    hello, I recently bought a 09 r1, checked the vin and all seemed good, until I noticed the engine number had been scratched off a couple off days after I bought it. I'm guessing the engine might have been stolen, what should I do? If I get stopped by a cop can I get in trouble for it?
  4. Bikes/Parts Wanted
    Looking for a 2004-2006 r1 Engine
  5. 98-99 R1 Mechanical Help
    Hey everyone, I have a 98 R1 but the motor is toast. I was looking on ebay and there are a lot cheaper FZ1 engines out there than R1 engines. Is this a relatively easy engine swap? Will it fit at all? I don't care about the power decrease, I just want to get out and ride her again! Thanks
  6. General Motorcycle Discussions
    These 2 numbers are on block. Need to know what year motor is and someone that could help with some issues with it D127278025 V29D087
1-6 of 6 Results